Best Practices in Teaching Reading

At times, usually between the ages of four to six, many children begin to read. Watching a kid transit from a non reader to a child who can both educate and entertain himself with a book is one of the miracles and milestones of life, not only for the family but also the entire school. Here are some of the best practices in teaching reading.

For a teacher to successfully teach pupils how to read, he/she needs not only to avail explicit instruction but also to build word knowledge and teach skills and strategies for word analysis directly.

A teacher should know the students’ level of instruction so as to be able to choose materials. Reading should neither be too complex to a point where pupils can’t understand and benefit from it nor too easy. If the text is too hard for learners they, will not be able to understand majority of the words on a page. On the contrary, if learners understand everything on a page, there is no learning since there is no challenge. It is important to give learners short passages of varying degrees of complexity, to assess their level. This may take the first week of the class. Hand out a passage that is at the learners approximate level, then have a brief discussion, ask questions and give definitions to new words to find out of the passage is at the learners’ instructional level. In case it’s too difficult, adjust the passage and repeat the procedure till you get their optimal level.

Teachers should also routinely assess and monitor the reading levels as well as progress of each learner. This continuing evaluation directs and also informs instruction.

Begin the reading process early. It’s never too early to teach learners grasp concept of reading. Even for children between 2 or 3 years, reading aloud will assist them understand that funny little marks on the paper have meaning. Both parents and teachers are therefore encouraged to read to the children while they are still very young.  

“Reading can also be taught effectively by writing in the sand, making letters out of Play-Doh, using pipe cleaners to make words and drawing on the carpet”, suggests Nancy who has a master’s degree in reading. With learners who are 3 or 4 years old, she says that half the job is getting them over the initial fear of reading by themselves, even if it means they just pretend to read by reciting a story from memory. In moments of frustration, always remind them that everybody can read the pictures. Take your time and sit with them and decipher stories page after page. If teachers make commitment to read to the learners and have them read to her every day, reading ability will be achieved with ease.


Learning how to read fluidly, accurately, with good comprehension as well as stamina is essential set of skills for success of the learner. Most schools know this. This is the reason why early years of primary education are always devoted to teach learners how to read.

Tips for White Mulberry Leaf Identification

 A mulberry tree just like many others does come in various varieties. It could be easy or difficult to differentiate various types of this tree. The good news though is that there are common characteristics that can easily make it easy to know that a particular mulberry tree is not similar to another variety. The common varieties are the white, black and red mulberries. The origin of these trees vary as the white is believed to have originated from China, the black from from western Asia while the red from the eastern part of the U.S.The simple way of identifying the trees is using their height. For example, the white variety can grow up to about 80 feet while black one can barely make it to 30 feet. This is just but a mere difference which may not be helpful when it comes to white mulberry leaf identification but the following tips does come in handy:

Tip 1 

First and foremost the leaves of this tree are light green in color. The leaves of the white variety are always thin as compared to that of the red variety. The red variety are known to be thicker. 

Tip 2 

Most mulberry leaves have a width of about 5 inches while their length is approximately 7 inches. This is always common to white mulberry leaves but not the black variety as its is always much smaller than this measurement.

Tip 3

The edges of a white mulberry leaf is not the same as that of the red variety. That of the red variety has edges which are sharp and the same pattern as the cutting saw. 

Tip 4

The time of the year when that tree starts to sprout its leaves can also be an excellent white mulberry leaf identification tip. During early spring the white mulberry tree is known to start the process of sprouting its leaves. During mid spring the red variety will also start to leaf while on the other hand the black mulberry will leaf out at the end of the spring. It will continue until the start of early summer. 

Tip 5

 Lobed type of leaves is very common in all the variety of mulberry trees but the only difference is that the white one can be uniquely identified using this approach. The white mulberry will have leaves of various lobe patterns. Beside that it is quite easy to identify from a white mulberry tree that indeed it is this variety because it will have leaves of different patterns in terms of the lobes appearance which varies. It will also have leaves that lacks any lobe. 

Tip 6 

The last but not the least white mulberry leaf identification idea is to identify the white buds on those trees. The white mulberry tree must have white buds unlike the red and the black variety. 

 Using the above ideas you will have no problem differentiating a particular variety from the other. When trying to identify these leaves always use at least one of the ideas and your guess will always be right. 

Money Saving Tips Related To Bee Pollen

You may believe that it costs a good deal of cash to buy bee pollen, but in reality you could pay for bee pollen for free. The main thing you could do when you get down to pay for bee pollen is to eliminate the existing opinions you may have regarding what it is like.

There are only three rudimentary instructions that can help you balance out your target of buying bee pollen with your wallet. Don’t spend money on cheap brands, only buy from Xtend Life, if you do, you won’t have to think, is bee pollen safe. When you focus on luxuries that do not involve a great deal of money, then you permit yourself to hone in on the things you need to be doing. Keep in mind, drinking more water, getting rid of junk food and sleeping more are areas that would be ultimately important and do not need loads of money.

There are other measures you can also do, in an effort to invest very little money. Don’t buy bee pollen from any location, only buy pollen collected in New Zealand. You do not really need to put forth a good deal of money to pay for bee pollen. Whenever you put your feelings aside regarding money, then you could discover many low-cost luxuries that are probably more ideal versus the more expensive ones. That is an effortless choice when your goals are the focal point.

Save money by buying bee pollen in bulk. Again, there are a variety of low-cost alternatives to achieve the final goals to channel you through buying bee pollen. Before these luxuries were convenient, some people were definitely buying bee pollen without all the streamers and balloons that exist with the more expensive alternatives.

The main thing that you could do is to consistently be determined on your main objective. Also, getting rid of junk food, sleeping more and drinking more water are three of the ideal actions that you could be focused on. Just by unfailingly evaluating decisions through the eyes of your main objective, you will recognize what expenditures may be luxuries that you do not really need.

When you invest the time in training, you would feel happier about yourself, which is one of the key outcomes for buying bee pollen. Drinking more water doesn’t involve spending a good deal of cash. Drinking more water means getting into the regular practice of getting rid of junk food. And many times it may appear undoubtedly pricey, but realistically you could get rid of junk food without going bankrupt. Getting rid of junk food encourages you to feel healthier and that also doesn’t involve a large amount of cash. It can be achieved very affordably.

Sleeping more is another thing that your mind should be focused on because it’s really key for anyone who wants to buy bee pollen. Although there could be expensive alternatives that appear beneficial, you could naturally sleep more without being required to pay much for it.

Regardless, you must generally decide where you spend your money by thinking of your key plan of buying bee pollen. Your feelings can play a huge role in regards to your cash. You may be searching for an easy way to buy bee pollen. Just by recognizing this, you could make a great deal of progress toward your plan.

What should blood pressure be?

Normal Blood Pressure

Have you ever wondered what should blood pressure be? Blood pressure is expressed as a ratio of systolic blood pressure to diastolic blood pressure. Well, the ideal blood pressure should be below 120/80. The numerator, which should be higher of the two numbers, is the systolic blood pressure while the denominator, which should be lower of the two numbers represent diastolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure measures pressure in arteries during heart muscle contraction when your heart pumps out blood. Diastolic blood pressure measures pressure in arteries when your heart muscle is resting and refilling with blood, between heartbeats. Click here to read more about blood pressure for a child.

Understanding the blood pressure readings

A blood pressure reading below 90/60 is a low blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is between 90/60 and 120/80. This is the ideal blood pressure and at this level of blood pressure, your body is healthy and you are not prone to risk of stroke or heart disease. A recording of between 120/80 and 140/90 is termed as high normal blood pressure. A blood pressure more than or just equal to 140/90 is high blood pressure and a reading more that or just equal to 180/110 is very high blood pressure. High blood pressure or hypertension is a very critical condition therefore; you should always try to maintain a normal blood pressure. Hypertension in most cases does not give symptoms and can lead you to develop cardiovascular disease stroke and heart attack inclusive.

Fighting hypertension

You will be at higher risk of serious health problems if you are physically inactive, overweight, you smoke, have high cholesterol, diabetes, have depression or are socially isolated. You should take a step to change your lifestyle after noticing a hypertensive condition. This way, you’ll lower the chances of contracting cardiovascular disease and manage your high blood pressure. Some of the lifestyle changes include quitting smoking, being more physically active, reducing excess body weight, decreasing your sodium/salt intake, reducing alcohol intake and increasing potassium intake. Change your diet and starting eating foods that will promote your health. Some of these foods include vegetables, fruit, oily fish, lean meats, whole grains, polyunsaturated or monounsaturated vegetable and legumes, seeds and nuts, and no fat, low fat or reduced fat dairy products. Everybody should have a regular blood pressure check-up every two years even if you have a normal blood pressure, no family or personal history of cases of high blood pressure or you do not have other cardiovascular disease risk factors. Blood pressure readings vary as body activity changes.